My sessions are suitable for people who are interested in new skills, personal growth, transformation and healing. There were exceedingly few offers in this direction and those existing were often controversial, or thinly disguised sexual services. The same attention is given to each part of your body. Eric from Oslo, thank you for a fantastic experience. Most people turn their attention towards their exterior life (Facebook, job, family, internet, TV etc) and never discover the

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incredible richness of their inner life. Everybody may benefit from tantra, because tantra always starts right where you are in life, no matter which life experience you carry along. Healing is an original humans nature and no one can brake.

We are here to feel and to be passionate. And yet another year after that we opened a temple in Reykjavik, Iceland. The following year we opened temples in Aarhus and Odense, in this way being within reach from most of Denmark. For that I feel more free. Most of our masseurs are also highly educated from other areas of life and we have among our team doctors, nurses, engineers, ballet dancers, yoga teachers, musicians, ex military men, agronomists and social workers. By listening and practicing what was explained to me I found some of my true self again. I give my clients methods which they can use independently from a therapist and start being creators of their own happiness. Its authors were inspired by wisdom of ancient Eastern traditions and designed holistic massage which enables to experience very deep relaxation, get rid of emotional blockages and completely melt into the present moment. We were already teaching this, and you can read about it in books about tantra, but understanding and being able to apply in your own life is most often a different story. Tantra is a practice which leads us to reveal our true spiritual nature.

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It is not all of us that speak Danish, so if you want to be sure to meet a Danish-speaking masseur, you should specify this when you make a booking. You cannot put a price on this. What can i say about the session whit Karolina, WOW. The tantric wisdom will offer you practical solutions no matter if who want to just do something for yourself or if you want to learn to relax physically or mentally, have a better contact with your body, free yourself of current anxieties or old trauma. Finally we also select our masseurs from an energetical point of view to make sure they are all harmonious both physically and psychomentally and that they are ready to offer massages with a fully open heart. The results just after two days I believe have been life changing for me at least.